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Playboy Magazine March 2012: What You Need to Know About the Content and the Celebrities

in mid-2012, the magazine reported that it had approximately 11.5 million paid readers in the u.s., canada, the uk and australia, which allowed it to claim that, although a print circulation of approximately two million had been lost over the years due to the internet and magazine subscription cancellations, it still had a larger readership than most other entertainment magazines.

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like all good things, its a dangerous escape from the pages of playboy into a world of bad luck. in the late 1970s, harvey weinstein, a member of new yorks old-money jewish elite, donated heavily to the candidate of choice for playground reform in 1971, governor nelson rockefeller. the donation was designed to get millions of dollars worth of spending at rockefellers disposal. this money funded the re-equipping of a dozen playgrounds on the upper east side and in the bronx to a standard that would have required millions and millions of dollars worth of investment in the mid-1970s. the playgrounds installed were far more modern and thrilling. they were brightly colored and had many slides and other attractions that could keep the kids occupied. they also had supervisors on hand to keep track of the kids and make sure that they were having a good time. no bad child will be left to roam the streets was the motto of every playground that harvey weinstein paid for. is the official website of playboy tv. playboy is the premier adult entertainment brand with a growing television business. launched in september 2006, playboy tv features unique programming in a variety of genres designed to bring viewers the best and most provocative interactive adult entertainment television experience. the brand continues to grow with new and unique video programming, as well as internet portals, an official music label and the worlds largest on-line subscription video-on-demand service.


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