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Seeds Of Chaos [v0.3.10] WORK

v.0.3.10 Here is the release on time as promised. I thought it was going to be a smallish one due to the holidays, but it turned out to be a bit of a banger with 12(!) sex scenes, and some pretty great events with a good range; hot sex, comedy, and some heavy drama, IMO. I didn't have time to do the next NTR one again, but there are two new Andras-related NTR scenes in the fully reworked Andras tavern harassment event to make up for it a bit. Release Notes NEW SCENES - New Andras NPC arc event (with three sex scenes) - Two new Blackholt Tue-San events (with four sex scenes) - Two additional sex scenes were added to the Fae Banquet event - Three new map resource events - One new Ophelia-related tavern job event (with one new sex scene) REWORKED SCENES - One partially reworked Andras-related tavern job event - One majorly reworked Andras-related tavern job event (with two new sex scenes) NEW ART - 17 new CGs (with 42 variants) - One new Sprite (Tue-Mai) QoL - More bugfixes, including Arena mouseover error v0.3.09a NEW SCENES One new Andras x Rowan ruler event (with one sex scene) One new Arzyl Fey event (with two sex scenes) One new Tue-San Goblin arc event Two new Tavern job events featuring Ophelia (with one sex scene) One new Forge job event (with one mini sex scene) REWORKED SCENES Both the initial Aryzl and Whitescar events have been completely reworked Indarah's dance scene has been completely reworked NEW ART Sixteen new CGs (with forty-eight variants) One new animation (Jezera intro sex) One new sprite (Che-Lin) QoL Fixed a number of small bugs, including the issue causing all Andras NTR events to occur in a row v0.3.07c "[Update - So, I was so tired this morning I added the missing BGs to the git branch, and didn't download the new version, I just rebuilt and uploaded one that still had them missing. This fixes that.]" v0.3.07a NEW EVENTS - One new Fae event (including one sex scene) - Two new chaos incursion events - Two new Blackholt events (including two sex scenes) - One new Breeding Pits job event (including one sex scene) ART - 16 new CGs (with 44 variants) - 2 reworked CGs (with 9 variants) - 1 new sprite (Zii-Zii) - 4 new BGs (for Blackholt locations)

Seeds of Chaos [v0.3.10]



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