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Fhotoroom: A Photo Editing And Sharing App For Windows Phone

Interface A major difference between the Windows app and the Windows phone version of Fhotoroom is that there's no camera feature: Instead, you'll have to take a picture with another camera app, such as the default Windows 8 Camera app, and then open it in Fhotoroom from its folder. Another important difference is that the Windows app lets you work with raw camera files, which usually makes for more powerful corrections of lighting and color. For example, you can get more detail from overexposed areas of a photo when you're working with a raw file.

Fhotoroom: A photo editing and sharing app for Windows Phone

The editing interface also differs from the phone app: You can unpinch to zoom, or use several extra buttons for zooming, for 100 percent view, and to Auto Fit. I do wish the app told you the percent zoom you're at, however. A Before/After button is handy to show you how the photo started compared with your edited version.

Photo Editing Fhotoroom adds a whole extra set of photo editing tools to what you get in the Windows Phone version's Editing set, called Pro Tools. These actually include some of the tools in the phone's set, like tilt-shift (which actually lets you do selective focus on oval as well as rectangular areas), ColorSplash (which can turn all but a specified color black & white), and light-leak effects. But it adds appealing capabilities like noise reduction, geometry distortion effects, and local edit brushes for exposure, saturation, and more.

Windows Phones offer more control over camera settings than iPhones and most other smartphones, offering control of settings like ISO and white balance. You can even choose "lenses" when shooting, although these are really just apps with camera capabilities. Fhotoroom(Opens in a new window) (free), one of the best photo apps on the platform exploits all this control and more, adding a burgeoning Instagram-like community of photo sharers, some high-power editing tools, and dozens of filter effects.

Fhotoroom has garnered over 3 million downloads, according to its site, which describes as its goal letting delivering pro-level photographs without requiring an expensive DSLR or Photoshop. The app was recently updated with claims of faster filters and interface improvements. I tested it on a Nokia Lumia 1020($199.99 at Amazon)(Opens in a new window), which has more megapixels than many DSLRs (41!), and on a Samsung Ativ Odyssey to experience the app on a phone with a more modest camera.

Shooting The camera interface in the app is simple: A big blue shutter button at the bottom snaps a photo (dedicated phone camera buttons work, too) and tapping the screen on a spot sets focus for that point. You can't see filter effects while shooting, as you can in Flickr's iPhone app. But hitting a gear icon opens several option buttons that appear across the top. These include Point EV, which lets you set exposure based on a different point from the focus point; a timer, a rule-of-thirds grid overlay, and Macro, Scenic, and Portrait scene settings. Flash settings and switching between front and back buttons completes the complement of shooting tools.

Once you have your image just right, you have the option to save the image or share it. Images can be saved in JPG, PNG or TFF formats with quality options available for JPG files. Just as you would with other photo editors, you have the ability to name your image file. Sharing options will include sharing your image to the Fhotoroom network or any other social network you have setup.

Two popular photo editing apps in Windows Phone Store got updated in Windows Phone Store. PhotoFunia is a cloud-based photo editing tool that allows you to make some fun with your photos. Fhotoroom is a pro camera, photo sharing network and professional mobile photo editor. Both the updates include minor changes, find the change log below.

Gbenro Odugbemi: Snow is a two months old Samoyed we just got, Cute smart and very active, always likes to play and run around.Took the picture with my HTC Radar, and edited it with Fhotoroom (which I think is the best photo editing app on any mobile platform, almost the photoshop for phones). Effects used are #Blackpoint, #Gamma, #Colors, #Sharpen, #Tsaritsa, #TiltShift, #ClassicPro, #Brightness, #WhiteBalance, #Tones.

This little amount of features can assist you to turn your worst photo into an amazing sketch. This is possible to share your edited photo on various social networking websites, image sharing platform etc. It has Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Photobucket, Tumblr support.

Now a day everyone has smartphones in their pocket and mostly all people like to capture their best moments of life in the camera. A photo text editor app or software can be best thing for you to remember those moments for your entire life. You click photos from any device such as android, iPhone or laptop camera there are many apps and software available in the online market which enables you to write best text on the photos as per your need. In this article we will share some best photo editor with text writing feature for different operating system.

Wondershare Fotophire Editing Toolkit is one of the best picture editor with text feature software available for the windows OS. This is very easy to use application for computer and without any type of tech knowledge everyone can use it. This desktop software comes with photo editor, photo cutter and photo eraser so finally we can say this is a complete photo editing program. This windows software can be directly downloaded from the official link above without any cost for free. You can try and they buy the paid version of the software.

Fhotoroom is a very popular windows 10 app which offers very cool features about image editing. This picture editor with text writing software allows you to edit the write on the bigger size images as well and you can edit the high quality photos up to 41MB of size photos. It supports saturation, contrast, cropping and contrast.

Polarr photo editor app is another photo editor with text writing feature. This app is very use and available in the windows store as well for free of cost without any charge. This app enables you to adjust the height, width, face width, nose height etc of your photos. You can easily edit and upload your own personalized watermarks as well with this app. Polarr is a very small and very powerful photo editor app available in the 50 MB of size.

PicLab is a photo editor app that offers a wide range of features and cross platform app. This app is fully compatible with windows, android and iOS devices. It offers you a wide range of easy to use features. Built in features of this app allows you to do all the things such as resizing, rotate or adjust the opacity of the photos. With these all features it also supports writing text on the photos.

Windows Phones are becoming more popular amongst users after the launch of windows phone 7.5 (Mango). Most of the major smart phone companies have already launched their smart phones with new Windows Phone 7.5 mango which have started taking on and competing with iphone and Android phones. Though there is lack of applications in windows apps, windows phones hold a huge potential in competing with rivaling companies.

Windows app store has amassed over 100 thousand apps so far and they are continually introducing new apps on a constant basis. Though photo editing can be considered as a time consuming task, it can be an enjoyable endeavor when one has the appropriate tools to perform such editing tasks. With the following applications windows phone users can edit their images which will allow them to achieve their desired results whilst having fun doing so. These Free Image Enhancing Apps can make your workflow an enjoyable experience and not put a dent in ones pocket since they can be downloaded freely and used without restrictions, all courtesy of SkyTechGeek.

Unlike the other Windows Phone 8 Nokia devices, the Lumia 2520 runs Windows RT 8. Even though there are less apps available for Windows 8 RT than Windows Phone 8, the quality of apps is much higher; the apps that do make it into the Windows RT 8 Store are designed to work well on a larger display. Some of our favorite Windows Phone 8 apps have adapted for the big screen and some apps are exclusive to Microsoft's tablet app ecosystem. Whether you will be using your Windows RT 8 tablet to edit photos from a DSLR or Lumia smartphone, these five apps will help you along the way.

Family moments are precious and sometimes you want to capture that time spent with loved ones or friends in better quality than your phone can manage. We've selected a group of cameras that are easy to keep with you, and that can adapt to take photos wherever and whenever something memorable happens.

Each one has photo editing software for Windows 11 app on their device. But sometimes windows users are confused about which one to pick to make their photograph best as the windows store is full with no of photo editor app for Windows pc. Whether you take a picture from your lavish camera or windows phone, there are plenty of Microsoft photo editor apps available that fine-tune your picture. When you want to enjoy editing at any place, free photo editing software for Windows 11 will help you do editing. You can enjoy these apps on your windows device as well as on your pc. So take a picture and make your best one with the listed best free photo editing software for windows 11. Yes in this article we are discussing the best photo apps for windows 11.

Between the several options from the windows store, we find this app for those who are looking an option that adds a little flair to their pics in a natural way and fast style. If you are looking for such an app, then Matissa is one of the Windows 11 photo editors that offers over 40 artistic filters that are applied quickly and simply to your photos.

There is the close combat between Matissa and Vinci- an app similar to Matissa that is also known for its artistic filters. But Matissa got the place in the list because it is available for both Windows 11 PC and Mobile, and you can turn off the watermark. Overall, Vinci or Matissa, both apps are best, but Matissa looks to have just a bit more power. If you need an easy way to add a bit of pop to your images, this windows 11 photo app worth trying.


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