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Ferrari F1 Concept

Ferrari's Formula One design team just launched a site for a radical concept car that looks unlike anything F1 has ever put on the track. The two views of the design, front and back, should give fans something to both drool and argue over until the first race of the season next month in Australia.

Ferrari F1 Concept

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Perhaps it's a move meant to reclaim some favor from that slighted fanbase. The design could also be Ferrari's way of nudging the sport's directors as the league again stands on the precipice of change. While F1 is about to kick off the 2015 season, it is also nearing a vote on regulation changes for the 2016 season and beyond. Those could include anything from increasing the power of the engines to making the cars and tires wider. Maybe Ferrari's concept is a signpost of a radical new design direction.

While some comparisons could be drawn to the F1 cars of the mid-to-late 1970s, the concept design resembles the look of another flailing motorsport: IndyCar. The F1 concept sports a similar design to the chassis that IndyCar debuted a few years ago with its wide wheel base, low rear wing, and body paneling that runs almost flush to the rear wheels. (It's worth noting that IndyCar also just unveiled slight changes to this look for the 2015 season.)

Helicopters are getting safer, smarter, and more efficient. Bell Helicopter recently showed images of the FCX-001, a helicopter concept that incorporates new and emerging technologies in aircraft design, according to a Bell announcement.

While the likes of the Moto X, Moto Z, and Moto G have become staples of the Moto brand, they aren't the only phones bearing the now-Lenovo-owned name. The Droid Turbo 2, for example, was launched late last year with some pretty excellent specs. And now it looks like the Droid Turbo 3 is on the way. While we have almost no information about the phone, we do have this beautiful concept design.

We previously thought we had leaked renders of the upcoming device, but it now seems as though those renders are in fact a concept design created by Toooajk. Still, considering how beautiful they are, we certainly wouldn't complain if they ended up being real. 041b061a72


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