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"download !!TOP!! Complicated

Why did it get so complicated to download & install QGIS on Windows? A few months ago, it was easy to choose the right version, the download-files were small, the installation was quick. Now is is the opposite: it is complicated to choose the right version, the download-files are large and the installation takes quite a lot of time.

"Download Complicated


[...] (permalink) If you have any bits of news you think we should know about (we love Australian based stuff),email [email protected] Now onto the news! 125,000 iPhones were sold in Australia in 2008. Nice work gentlemen, here's to the next 125,000! Karim Bardeesy up on some blog called The Big Money reckons Apple should turn into a bank. Seeing as Apple has more cash than most banks, it's not as dumb as it sounds. It's still dumb though. Red Alert 3 is coming to the Mac in March. Jeez, like, finally. Looks like Apple is ditching QuickTime Pro in Snow Leopard and just giving away the QuickTime Pro features as part of QuickTime. Common sense, duh. Got a PowerPC Mac? Well, the downward spiral has begun for your precious Mac. Apple decided that your G4 can't handle a lot of iPhoto '09's fancy slideshow effects, so you don't get them. Some G5 Macs with less than 64mb of VRAM also miss out. Add to that, parts of Garageband '09 are Intel-only too, so it may be time to upgrade guys. Here's a link to the Apple online store wink wink nudge nudge Steve Wozniak, the man who made the Apple II, has decided to go on Dancing With the Stars (the USA version). Why is totally beyond me, but who am I to judge the Woz? Great article on how the New York Times developed the icons for their iPhone app. One for the icon geeks. Is installing software on a Mac difficult? Compared to installing an app on Windows, it could certainly be said it is. Patrick Dubroy argues that installing Mac software is too complicated. He makes a good point. Cool profile on the Orange County Sherrif's Department by Apple. OCSD use Podcast Producer to give updates to sheriffs and for general communications around the department, to great impact. If only more businesses were as forward thinking. According to beta testers of Snow Leopard, Apple has included API's from the iPhone into the next release of Mac OS X. The multi-touch and location features of the iPhone will be made available to Mac OS X developers. That means developers can write apps that make use of gestures with the new multi-touch trackpads and use any GPS systems (via USB or something) and triangulate locations using wi-fi (remember doing that on the iPhone before it had 3G?). MacTalk is on Twitter. Follow us for good times on the S.S Fail Whale. Buy stuff via the Apple Store online using this link so I can buy more Krispy Kreme. HEY INTERNET! -My Internet scrapbook. [...]

Some ideas for the discussion.First, the dmg/virtual-disk-approach CAN be confusing, I admit. Try to tell a kid what's happening in your Parallels-Windows (is it another computer? within a computer? why do you have two computers?), you get the idea of how complicated such abstract ideas like virtual disks can become. But they are really useful - for the ones who know how to use them. The average skype-user might not want to know. By the way, you don't have to eject a dmg after copying the app. It will be ejected automatically at shutting down your computer. If your skype is set to start automatically at start, then it will be mounted automatically at start again. Users who don't wanna know about virtual disks will not really care about it. If they are able to express their discomfort, they are able to perform the solution.Second: What about a simple check for each application when it is started (or dragged to the dock)? The new "metafile"-system allows it. If an app is started not being located in the app-folder, the system asks what to do ("copy to app-folder", "specify location", "just start", "do not start" (which is the default) maybe in combination with the hint that the app was downloaded from the internet and could be of evil); the "just start"-choice is then stored in the metadata and can be confirmed at second start (where an option allows it to be permanent). Thereby all problems/wishes/ideas find a solution without any shortcomings or fidlling with the system.The launch-process should be able to handle such a check easily (please, Apple, let it handle the install-process; it will make the world even easier for all of us).Third. There is nothing wrong with either dmg, pkg or zip-distribution. I, personally prefer a dmg-distribution, so I don't have to look into my downloads-folder to detect the app I just downloaded, the dmg will open automatically. I can send the dmg to others or store it; a zip-file has to be dragged out of the trashcan (don't tell me, I know, I can reconfigure; we are talking about normal people or people not knowing what to do, who use their computer in the configuration which it arrived with). A pkg or an installer always give - as mentioned above - the impression that something mystical is happening, so it should be avoided, unless necessary (sidenote: I prefer it, when I can copy any app to my app-folder and if an installation is necessary it will be performed at first start; like the old MS Office used to do). A zip-file is for advanced users (the app is in the downloads-folder and has to be moved to the app-folder manually, the original zip-file is gone, and everything is in mayhem:-). So, a dmg offers the best and most comfortable way for everyone (esp. if my suggested extension of the launching is applied by Apple - anyone still reading? anyone can give a hint to the Apple-coders?)

Now, Mac users can be a bit haughty and pretentious. They have a Mac, so Windows is a joke and Windows users are retarded, right? To those I say this. Be objective. Anyone who says downloading stuff on a Mac is easy, is talking B/S (or hasn't downloaded on Windows). Try downloading Logic Pro, for example, or Native Instruments Battery on a Mac. An absolute nightmare. The screen is cluttered with complicated, confusing garbage. And if you're not careful, you'll go round in circles forever. The drag/ drop idea is so confusing on a Mac. I'm terrified every time I do it, that a crucial music file is being REMOVED from its original location instead of it being COPIED to the target area. It's a lottery. In Windows, you highlight the folder. The side bar option asks if you want to move or copy the file. What could be simpler? As to change an icon on a Mac, well, I won't even go there. Check out Youtube for yourself. Unbelievable....In Windows, it's done in 8 seconds, but hey, I'm being objective, the icons are appalling.

Stercoral colitis is a rare inflammatory process involving the colonic wall secondary to fecal impaction with high morbidity and mortality; especially if complicated with ischemic colitis, stercoral ulcer formation and subsequent perforation. There are several case reports published on abdominal perforation resulting from stercoral colitis. However, stercoral colitis complicated by ischemic colitis is rare. The purpose of this case report is to describe the potential challenges in the diagnosis and management of stercoral colitis with ischemic colitis.

Elevated lactic acid level secondary to ischemia of the bowel wall with CT scan findings aid in establishing the diagnosis of stercoral colitis complicated with ischemic colitis. Urgent treatment with laxatives and fecal disimpaction is indicated to prevent perforation and peritonitis.

Stercoral colitis is a rare yet serious inflammatory condition that carries a high morbidity and mortality, especially if complicated with intestinal perforation and ischemic colitis. Chronic constipation has been described as a risk factor for stercoral colitis and colonic ischemia [1, 2]. Patients can be asymptomatic or can present with vague symptoms that could be confused with diverticulitis, a more common condition in elderly. The mechanism by which stercoral colitis leads to ischemia and colonic wall perforation is a result of increased intraluminal pressure from fecal impaction leading to ischemia of the bowel.

More than 200 cases of stercoral colitis have been published with a focus on the radiographic characteristics of stercoral colitis and management of abdominal perforation as a complication of colitis. However, only a few cases of ischemic colitis that are complicated by stercoral colitis have been published so far [5, 6]. Hence, the purpose of this case report is to describe the potential challenges in the diagnosis and management of stercoral colitis with ischemic colitis.

In summary, stercoral colitis complicated with ischemic colitis can lead to focal ulceration, perforation, peritonitis, septic shock and eventually death if left undiagnosed or if not treated. Familiarity with the CT scan and endoscopic findings is very important, as it enables physicians to make the diagnosis and start the appropriate treatment as fast as possible. The imaging findings that should be kept in mind whenever stercoral colitis is suspected includes the presence of fecal impaction, thickening of the colonic wall, stranding of the peri-colonic fat, and the presence of extra luminal gas bubbles or abscess suggesting stercoral perforation.

Head Trauma associated with acute sudural hematoma (SDH) and complicated by secondary insult is a grave clinical combination with complex pathophysiology. The aim of this study was to develop a clinically relevant injury model, which can be used to study the interaction between injury mechanisms. We present a novel model of SDH combined with diffuse brain injury (DBI) and a hypoxic secondary insult, and investigate the effects of surgical evacuation.

Secondary insult after traumatic SDH was associated with significant brain swelling and stimulated refractory rise in ICP. In traumatic SDH complicated by secondary insult, brain swelling is exacerbated by surgical evacuation. 041b061a72


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