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Matthew King
Matthew King

Reason 651 UPD Crack Mediafire

This tutorial for how to crack Android apps is one of my more technical posts. If you aren't a developer you might want to skip this one. :) I'm assuming some basic knowledge of UN*X, Java and Android.

Reason 651 Crack Mediafire

Other reasons to decompile apps could be to recover lost source code, to inject language translations or even fix a bug. But hey, remember, don't do anything you are not allowed to. Don't break the law. This guide is just for educational purposes when you have legitimate reasons to do what you do.

If you have followed along the guide you would see the app change from the version on the left to something like the one on the right. One of the reasons I wrote this guide was for my own sake to have something to easily copy and paste from when doing some reverse engineering myself, but I thought this might be useful one for others as well. :)


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