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NBA Live 10

NBA Live 10 won't change the way you play digital basketball, but it's a good representation of the sport. Playing through a Dynamic DNA-enhanced season is engaging, letting you live through the peaks and valleys of the real season. There are a few quirks in the action, such as a glitchy ball and sometimes-disinterested teammates, but the action is pretty sharp. The pick-and-roll system is easy to take advantage of, and the huge amount of plays at your disposal make the game more strategic than previous basketball sims. Despite a few faults, NBA Live 10 is a fun game and a strong addition to the franchise.

NBA Live 10

SEPTEMBER 11, 2009 - EA announced today that a playable demo of NBA LIVE 10 is now available for download on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for all Xbox LIVE Gold Subscribers. Play as the Orlando Magic or the Los Angeles Lakers and re-write, or relive, last year's NBA Finals match-up. The demo will be available to Xbox LIVE Silver members and on the PLAYSTATION NetworkTM on September 17th, 2009.

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NBA Live 10 definitely looks and sounds like the real thing. Developers did a great job of making the pro players look exactly like their real-world selves. Arenas are filled with chanting, lively fans.The announcing team, led by Marv Albert, packs strong levels of energy. 041b061a72


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