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Nyanyi Sunyi Dari Indragiri Pdf 57golkes

Nyanyi Sunyi dari Indragiri: A Review of Hary B. Kori'un's Short Stories

Nyanyi Sunyi dari Indragiri (Songs of Solitude from Indragiri) is a collection of short stories by Hary B. Kori'un, a contemporary Indonesian writer from Riau province. The book was published in 2004 by Gurindam Press and contains 10 stories that reflect the author's experiences and observations of life in the Indragiri river basin, a region rich in natural resources but also plagued by social and environmental problems.

The stories in Nyanyi Sunyi dari Indragiri are diverse in themes and styles, ranging from realistic to surreal, from humorous to tragic, from personal to political. Some of the stories are inspired by local folklore and legends, such as "Sangkuriang", "Si Pahit Lidah", and "Raja Bersiong", while others deal with contemporary issues such as corruption, deforestation, migration, and religious conflict. The author uses various narrative techniques, such as flashbacks, stream of consciousness, and multiple perspectives, to create complex and engaging characters and plots.

nyanyi sunyi dari indragiri pdf 57golkes

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One of the most notable stories in the collection is "Nyanyi Sunyi", which gives the title to the book. It is a story about a young man named Rizal who returns to his hometown after studying in Jakarta for several years. He finds that his childhood friend, Sari, has become a prostitute who works in a brothel near the river. Rizal tries to rescue her from her miserable life, but he faces resistance from Sari herself, who has lost hope and dignity. The story explores the themes of alienation, nostalgia, and betrayal, as well as the contrast between urban and rural life.

Another remarkable story is "Matahari Terbenam di Ujung Sungai", which means "The Sun Sets at the End of the River". It is a story about a group of illegal loggers who work in the forest along the Indragiri river. They are led by Pak Suroso, a former soldier who has a mysterious past and a ruthless personality. The story follows their daily struggles and conflicts, as well as their encounters with the local people and authorities. The story exposes the harsh realities and consequences of illegal logging, which not only destroys the environment but also corrupts the human soul.

Nyanyi Sunyi dari Indragiri is a book that offers a glimpse into the lives and cultures of the people who live in the Indragiri river basin, a region that is often overlooked or stereotyped by the mainstream media and literature. The author succeeds in portraying the beauty and diversity of the region, as well as its challenges and dilemmas. The book is also a testament to the author's talent and creativity, as he demonstrates his mastery of language and storytelling. Nyanyi Sunyi dari Indragiri is a book that deserves to be read and appreciated by anyone who is interested in Indonesian literature and culture.

The book can be accessed online through [OPAC Perpustakaan Nasional RI] or [National Library of Australia Catalogue]. However, there is no PDF version available for download. The term "57golkes" seems to be irrelevant or nonsensical.


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