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Rakht Charitra 2: A Gripping Crime Thriller Based on True Events

If you are looking for a Bollywood movie that is full of action, drama, and suspense, then you should watch Rakht Charitra 2. This movie is the second part of a two-part series that depicts the violent feud between two political rivals in Andhra Pradesh, India. The movie is based on the real-life story of Paritala Ravindra and Maddelacheruvu Suri, who were involved in a series of assassinations and counter-assassinations in the 1990s and 2000s.


Rakht Charitra 2 was released in 2010 and directed by Ram Gopal Varma, who is known for his realistic and gritty filmmaking style. The movie stars Vivek Oberoi as Pratap Ravi, the leader of a powerful political party and the son of a slain rebel leader. Suriya plays Surya, a former Naxalite who seeks revenge for the death of his family members at the hands of Pratap Ravi. The movie also features Shatrughan Sinha, Sudeep, Priyamani, Radhika Apte, and others in supporting roles.

Plot Summary

The movie begins with a recap of the events of the first part, Rakht Charitra, which shows how Pratap Ravi avenges the murder of his father and brother by killing their killers. He then becomes a popular and influential politician with the help of his mentor Shivaji Rao (Shatrughan Sinha). However, he also makes many enemies along the way, including Surya, who blames him for the death of his father and wife.

Surya attempts to kill Pratap Ravi by planting a bomb in his convoy, but fails to do so. He then surrenders to the police and is taken to court for trial. Pratap Ravi sends his men to kill Surya in the court premises, but Surya fights back and kills them in front of the judge. He is then sent to jail, where he narrates his life story to a fellow inmate named Muddu Krishna (Sushant Singh).

Muddu Krishna decides to help Surya escape from prison and kill Pratap Ravi. He contacts Krishnaswamy (Kota Srinivasa Rao), the leader of the opposition party, who offers to support Surya if he can assassinate Pratap Ravi. Surya agrees and plans to kill Pratap Ravi during a public meeting. However, he faces many obstacles and challenges along the way, as Pratap Ravi is well-guarded and alert. The movie ends with a climactic showdown between the two rivals.

Movie Review

Rakht Charitra 2 is a thrilling and engaging movie that keeps the viewers hooked till the end. The movie has a fast-paced and gripping narrative that does not let go of the tension and suspense. The movie also has some powerful and intense performances by the lead actors, especially Vivek Oberoi and Suriya, who portray their characters with conviction and charisma. The movie also has some impressive action sequences and realistic violence that add to the impact of the story.

The movie also has some drawbacks, such as the excessive use of blood and gore, which may not appeal to everyone. The movie also has some factual inaccuracies and dramatizations that deviate from the actual events. The movie also has some weak dialogues and songs that do not match the tone and mood of the movie.

How to Watch Rakht Charitra 2 Online

If you want to watch Rakht Charitra 2 online, you have several options to choose from. You can watch it on ZEE5, which is an OTT platform that offers a wide range of movies and shows in various languages. You can also watch it on YouTube , where you can find the full movie uploaded by Rajshri, a popular entertainment channel. However, you may have to deal with some ads and low-quality videos on YouTube.

Alternatively, you can download Rakht Charitra 2 from various websites that offer free or paid downloads of movies. However, you should be careful about the legality and safety of these websites, as they may contain viruses or malware that can harm your device. You should also respect the intellectual property rights of the filmmakers and avoid piracy.


Rakht Charitra 2 is a movie that will appeal to the fans of crime thrillers and action movies. It is a movie that showcases the dark and violent side of politics and revenge. It is a movie that has some stellar performances and gripping direction. It is a movie that you should watch if you are looking for a thrilling and engaging experience.


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