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Dogs For Adoption In Baltimore Md

Foster care volunteers provide temporary care for kittens, puppies, dogs and cats. When you become a foster for BARCS, you are giving a second chance to an animal who needs temporary relief from the shelter as they heal from injury or illness. Interested in fostering animals in need for BARCS? Visit our foster page to learn about the program and apply to save lives.

Dogs For Adoption In Baltimore Md


Step 2: Visit our shelter during adoption hours (Monday-Friday 2-6 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday 11 a.m.-4 p.m.). When you arrive, you will first be asked to fill out our Shelter Adoption Application with your information. You may also pre-fill our Shelter Adoption Application ahead of time online to save time when you are at the shelter. Your application will be processed after you meet the animal.

Step 4: When you have selected the right animal for you, our Adoptions Team will run your Adoption Application for approval. Once your application is approved, you will participate in an adoption class where you will learn all of the details about your new adopted family member, including their known history and medical records.

What else to expect: Animals who are already spayed/neutered and past their stray hold (if applicable) can often go home with you the same day. Pick-up arrangements for unaltered animals and/or animals still on a stray hold will be made during your adoption class.

Step 3: If the cat is the right match for your family, the Offsite Adoptions Team will take you through the next steps, which include filling out and approving your Adoption Application and completing an adoption class where you will learn all of the details about your new adopted family member, including their medical records.

In order to adopt, you must be at least 18 years old, provide proof of a current address, and have a current photo ID. Potential adopters must interact with the animals they are interested in and complete an adoption application. Once a selection has been made, applicants meet with a BARCS Adoption Counselor.

Trixie is a lovely, sweet girl who came to us from a North Carolina kill shelter. She is a special needs kitty looking for a loving home where she can be the only cat. Trixie has FIV, which is not contagious to humans or dogs but can be transmitted to other cats (although only through rare bites). Cats with FIV have a weakened immune system, but they can live normal lives if they are kept indoors and stress-free. It's important to provide FIV+ cats good nutrition and annual veterinary check-ups. Read more about Trixie and learn more about FIV.

If you'd like to donate to the homeless cats and dogs awaiting adoption at Small Miracles, consider shopping online for the animals. We have started a wish list at Items range in price from $5 on up. We've listed necessities, as well as some creature comforts and special treats for our furry friends. Items can be purchased online and shipped directly to the shelter, saving you a trip! Thank you on behalf of all the animals in our care!

We are currently seeking volunteers to grow our foster home network. Fostering is a rewarding experience where you temporarily house animals in need in your own home until they are ready for adoption. Foster animals include pregnant dogs/cats, nursing dogs/cats and their litters, dogs/cats recovering from injuries or dogs/cats in need of socialization. We recommend having a separate area in your home to care for foster pets; a spare bedroom, bathroom or laundry room works great. The shelter provides all medical care and dry food. Foster homes provide wet food, litter for the kitties, bedding and daily care of the animals. Supplies you purchase to care for foster animals may be tax deductible.

Small Miracles offers low-cost microchipping for your cat or dog. Cats and dogs adopted from the shelter can receive the microchip, implantation and lifetime registration with no annual fees for a one-time cost of $30. We also offer microchipping for all other animals in the community for $40.

Microchips do not hurt your pet, do not require surgery and never wear out. They are inserted with a routine shot between the shoulder blades. If your pet ever becomes lost and is brought to an animal control facility, shelter or veterinarian, your pet will be scanned for a chip. In combination with a collar and tags, microchips give a lost pet the best chance for a happy homecoming. Stop by during adoption hours on Saturdays or call 410-274-3530 to make an appointment on another day.

When looking at the makeup of American families today, it's rare to see a home where a pet isn't part of the family. According to the most recent data from the APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 67% of households, or around 85 million homes, own a pet. Of these households, dogs and cats top the list of most popular pets, with 63.4 million and 42.7 million households owning dogs and cats, respectively.

If you've been considering bringing home a furry companion, be sure to keep reading. Stacker compiled a list of dogs available for adoption in Baltimore, Maryland on Petfinder, ranging in age, breed composition, temperament, and needs. It's important to note that pet adoption is a huge responsibility and requires available savings for emergency and routine veterinary care, a day-to-day routine and game plan for coverage if the pup needs to be left at home during the day (i.e. hiring a dog walker), and time and attention devoted to training your newest family member. Be sure to do due diligence on breed research to see what kind of dog will be the best fit for your lifestyle.

Our dogs and puppies have been examined by a veterinarian, received vaccinations including rabies and distemper/parvo, deworming, spay/neuter surgery, heartworm testing, monthly heartworm prevention, micro-chipped and ready for adoption. Click here to learn more about our pet adoptions, then contact us or fill out an adoption application to get started!

Our adoption fee covers only a small portion of expenses for vetting, transportation and care for greyhounds right off the track. We also accept greyhounds found in shelters and those from families no longer able to keep them, many are older with special needs. Donations are greatly appreciated.

Your privacy is very important to us. Greyhound Pet Adoption MD respects your concerns about maintaining strict privacy. Any information that you divulge to us is kept in confidence, and used only to help determine the suitability of a greyhound adoption by your household. We also use various forms of the data for mailing information to you about us, and also for fund raising efforts by our group. We do not provide this information to anyone else unless you give us permission. We do not sell, rent, or otherwise disclose mailing lists or other personally identifiable information to anyone outside our organization..

Did you know? Only a small portion of our adoption fees cover the actual cost of vetting a cat to be ready for adoption - the cost of spay/neuter, vaccines, disease testing, microchipping, deworming, flea treatment and any additional medical treatment far outweigh our adoption fees.

Adding a furry member to your family is a big commitment! Dogs are wonderful companions! However they do require a lot of time and care. If you are considering adoption, please think about the following:

Adoption Option Dog Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit rescue. We depend on donations in order to help us serve our mission to save unwanted dogs and puppies. We use donations for pay for gas to transport dogs to Maryland, buy supplies, pay for veterinary care, and purchase food, vaccines, and more. If you would like to make a monetary donation, please PayPal to, Venmo to @Leana-Janney, CashApp to $LeanaJanney, donate through Facebook, or email us for a mailing address.

A founding member of the Baltimore Animal Welfare Alliance, the Maryland SPCA finds homes for more than 3,000 homeless pets every year. With a mission to match up the best animal with each person's unique home and lifestyle, this adoption center prides itself on providing animals with premium care and a clean, pleasant environment until they are adopted. By visiting its website, visitors may easily search online for their perfect pet. The adoption fee also includes services such as spay/neuter surgery, initial vaccinations, rabies vaccination and de-worming. If needed, Maryland SPCA offers behavior counseling and training courses as a resource for the community to help keep pets in loving homes.

MAS Rescue Inc. is committed to providing emergency rescue services to shelter animals whose time has run out, as well as help for homeless animals found wandering the streets. Its mission is to save, treat and rehabilitate animals through placement in temporary foster homes until they may be adopted. The adoption process can take up to seven days for approval and consists of filing an application and providing relevant references. Because all of the animals are living in foster homes, a visitation will not be scheduled until adoption is approved. You are never obligated to adopt an animal after visiting. A MAS Rescue volunteer is always present during your visit and works together with you and the pet to help determine if your personalities are a good match.

A well-known nonprofit organization, BARCS takes in almost 12,000 homeless and unwanted animals a year in Baltimore City. BARCS works with local vets to treat and rehabilitate sick and injured animals so they may be adopted in the future. Visitors will often find a large number of super-sweet pit bulls (puppies, young and mature dogs) who are in desperate need of a home. Adoption classes are offered daily, and additional programs and services available include: vaccinations, microchips, pet licenses and training. Due to the high volume of animals serviced, BARCS is always looking for volunteers and donations, in addition to foster homes for moms and their newborn kittens or pups. 041b061a72


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