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Girls Dance Sexy Naked In The Club PORTABLE

Fans of Tatum are probably aware that the actor was an exotic dancer before starring in movies like "21 Jump Street" and "Step Up." Pre-Hollywood, Tatum used to perform at a strip club in Tampa, Florida.

girls dance sexy naked in the club

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This is FRESH AIR. I'm Terry Gross. My guest is the Emmy- and Oscar-nominated actor Rosie Perez. She started her performing career as a dancer. When she was 19, she was dancing at a club with her friends when a talent scout from "Soul Train" noticed her and invited her to dance on the show. She brought her style of hip-hop dancing to "Soul Train" at a time before hip-hop had entered the mainstream. She went on to be the choreographer for The Fly Girls, the dancers on the sketch comedy show "In Living Color." She choreographed music videos for Bobby Brown, Diana Ross and L.L. Cool J.

GROSS: I want to jump ahead to when you were 19. You were studying biochemistry at Los Angeles City College, and you were dancing at a club one night with your girlfriends when a talent scout from "Soul Train" saw you and asked you to be a dancer on the show. So I want to talk about dancing on "Soul Train." What kind of dancing were you doing? And how did that compare to the other dancers on "Soul Train"?

PEREZ: And he goes, because I said so. And I went, all righty, Mr. King. And I went, Don King. And he didn't like that joke at all. He didn't like that joke at all, you know? But I quickly picked up how to dance in high heels, and me and my college buddies, the girls that came with me, we thought it was a hoot. We thought it was a joke. We didn't really understand the magnitude it would have, that millions of people were watching us. So I didn't get it. I really didn't get it. I just thought it was funny. It was silly. We were having a good time. And then the phone rings, and my father calls. Why are you dressed like that? Why are you dancing like that? All of my friends are calling. I feel so disrespected. And so I was only on "Soul Train" for eight months, and I quit after that phone call from my father.

GROSS: Right. So let's talk about Spike Lee casting you in "Do The Right Thing." And you have that amazing opening episode in which you're dancing to "Fight The Power." So Spike Lee saw you at a club, and it's not just your dancing that impressed him. I'm not sure he even saw you dance. It was your way of arguing (laughter).

GROSS: What a great story. So you did that iconic dance at the beginning of "Do The Right Thing." You know, and I watched it again recently, and it's such a dance of strength and power. You know, in part of it, you're wearing boxing gloves, like, pink boxing gloves, and I know you loved watching boxing as a kid, and I think maybe you still do. And that sense of, like, this is about strength and power is so evident in your dancing. Like, a lot of dancing is all about, like, I'm so sexy. And I'm not saying that your dancing isn't sexy but just that it conveys a whole lot of strength.

The club is jumpin jumpin. Webster Hall is one of the places in Manhattan that is divided into two levels. The first level is a HUGE and wide spacious dance floor that is dimly lit while the latest in hip hop, electronica, house and even Top 40 hits are played depending on the night. There's a rather large stage for live shows that are usually filled with writhing bodies and other club filled cliches for it's New York City afterall. The bar is always full of patrons, ranging from eighteen year olds trying to get by with fake IDs to creepy old men who buy said drinks. The patrons on the first floor are wide and varied.

"I don't do stereotypical girls. I said unique!" Gayle emphasizes as she wrinkles her nose and shakes her head and facepalms as she oyes and shakes her head. "Oh come on, Hitagi has lots of hiding places. And how did you see her naked? did you sleep with her? Oh em gee! Did you?!?! You slept with that bitch?!?!" she squeals laughing the entire time.


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