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Outcomes Advanced Workbook Download Pdf |VERIFIED|

The FLAURA study provides truly promising data for treatment with first-line EGFR-TKIs. However, the GioTag study also showed a good median time on treatment and OS in patients with EGFR-mutant NSCLC undergoing sequential afatinib and osimertinib treatment [15]. Therefore, the difference in the clinical outcomes between second-generation and third-generation EGFR-TKIs for first-line treatment has become an important issue. Although clinical trials for comparing the efficacy of second-generation and third-generation EGFR-TKIs are ongoing (NCT04413201, jRCTs031190221), some retrospective studies have been published that demonstrate that there was no significant difference in either median PFS or time to discontinuation of TKI treatment between afatinib and osimertinib [16, 17]. However, the median follow-up time was not equal between the two groups in these studies, and the study population was relatively small in one of the two studies. Thus, we conducted the present study in order to compare the clinical outcomes between osimertinib and afatinib for patients with advanced and recurrent NSCLC with EGFR mutation within the Taiwanese population.

outcomes advanced workbook download pdf


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