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Where To Buy An Embosser

Find easy & elegant return addressing. Impress your return address onto envelopes with our easy to use embosser tool & custom plates. Elegantly add your return address to envelope flaps with our desk embosser tool and custom embosser plates. Embosser plates can easily be switched out in the tool so you can vary your design and achieve the perfect look every time. A beautiful presentation for wedding envelopes and special correspondence, an embossed return address can't be beat.

where to buy an embosser

Design a custom embosser to put your company logo or personal seal on documents, envelopes, books and any other paper item. Embossers are handheld devices that crimp raised text and shapes on paper. The mark made by an embosser has a desirable tactile feel, creating a more elegant look than printed ink. Businesses use embossed seals to give important documents more weight.Embosser Specs

Whether you're using them on your desk or on the go, embossers are designed for both business and personal use. Add a special message or seal on everything from promotional materials to official documents to wedding invitations. Desk and pocket embossers are available in three sizes.

An embosser is a small press that creates a raised design or seal on a piece of paper. Embossers have a multitude of uses from professional to personal. They are used by notaries, architects, engineers, and corporate officials to validate the authenticity of a document. Embossers add a touch of class to letters, envelopes, invitations, books, or gifts. They can be unique and whimsical decorations that add a lovely personal touch to stationery or envelopes.

Your custom artwork or logo can be made into an embosser or we can add text around your logo as well. And, our sturdy, durable embossers come in various sizes depending on your preference. We stand by the quality of our products and guarantee the materials and workmanship of every product we carry. All of our embossing plates are laser-etched for the highest level of precision available. You can depend on our custom embossers to make a perfect impression every time.

Embossing documents adds another level of authenticity to a notarized document. All our notary seals are made to fit the exact specifications of your state. Search by your state to customize your embosser with your name and notary number.

These seal embossers are made specifically for landscape architects who need to authenticate drawings and documents. Our landscape architect seal embossers use top quality materials and laser engraving to provide accurate and crisp seal impressions. They are made to conform to the required state format and ship in one business day.

Land surveyors can easily authenticate their documents by adding a crisp seal impression with these land surveyor seal embossers. A perfect addition to your supplies, these embossers are quiet and durable. Simply select your state and enter the necessary information and we will follow the proper state format. Ships in one business day.

Monogram embossers are customized stamps that feature an identification mark, such as a name, initials, business name, custom logo or an address. These embossers add a unique touch to invitations, thank-you letters, marketing materials, and much more.

Book embossers are useful for teachers who want to mark the books in their classroom library as their property. They are also a great option for avid readers and book collectors who want to keep track of their personal book collection, especially if they frequently lend them out.

Similar to ink printers, braille embossers emboss braille characters onto paper for tactile reading by a blind reader. They can be for personal use at home, the office, or mass production. This publication provides an alphabetical listing of braille embossers currently available for sale. It also lists the vendors who sell braille embossing appliances. In addition, it discusses specialized braille paper, braille translation software, and sources to purchase these items. A selection of references and resources is provided as well.

Braille embossers emboss information that they receive from computers, braille notetakers, mobile devices, or USB flash drives onto specialized heavyweight paper. Braille embossers can emboss single-sided or double-sided (called interpoint) and can produce 6- or 8-dot braille. Speed of printing, line width, and weight of braille paper are all differentiating factors for embossers.

Embosses interpoint braille. Also has the capability to emboss tactile graphics. Sheet-fed; can braille smaller items such as business cards and labels. Allows users to send data to the embosser through their mobile devices. Weighs 20 lb.

Embosses interpoint braille on tractor-fed paper at 120 character per second. Has the ability to produce high-resolution graphics. Allows users to send data to the embosser through their mobile devices. Weighs 20 lb.

Embosses interpoint and single-sided braille up to 25 CPS onto tractor-fed braille paper, computer paper, oversized paper, labels, plastic, and card stock. Designed as a desktop embosser. Weighs 11 lb.

Supports a range of embossers and works with both PCs and Macs. Supports more than 170 languages and comes with braille mathematics capabilities and the ability to import braille music files created in GOODFEEL (see below).

Includes the Firebird Graphics Editor, which is used to create tactile graphics on the Juliet 120, Romeo 60, and Phoenix embossers from Enabling Technologies. Can open most image files and has side-by-side windows of the original image and the tactile graphic image. Able to automatically determine the correct DPI for the embosser. Allows users to create and edit graphics.

Allows for the synchronous translation of print and braille on one document so they will be adjacent to each other. Can be used with any of the braille embossers in the Enabling Technologies product suite; however, users must have an Epson dot-matrix printer.

Because standard paper is too thin to withstand the embossing process, specialized braille paper is needed when printing braille material. Braille paper has varying thicknesses; therefore, it is important to be aware of the type of paper that an embosser requires. If the paper is too thin, the embosser may punch holes through it instead of making raised dots; if the paper is too thick, it may damage the embosser. The standard braille paper sizes are 8.5 by 11 inches and 11 by 11.5 inches.

Braille paper also comes in three different layout formats: continuous (tractor-fed), cut-sheet, and rolls. Continuous paper is used for tractor-fed printers. This paper has holes on its edges that enable it to be fed through the printer and is connected to the next sheet of paper at the top and bottom. Cut-sheet paper is pre-cut and does not have holes on its edges. Rolls are used mainly for high-capacity printing. There is also swell-form paper, which is used by graphic embossers such as the PIAF and Swell Form Graphics II.

Choosing Seal Orientation When Ordering your monogram embosser the orientation refers to what direction on the sheet of paper the embosser comes in from. We have an equal number of requests for Top and Bottom orientation. Embosser Orientation is what direction of the page you would like the insert to imprint from. Choosing a TOP ORIENTATION is for when you want your embossed image to come from the TOP of the page for example in the use of stationary applications. BOTTOM ORIENTATION will imprint from the bottom of the page, for example if you were embossing Envelope Flaps with an Address Embosser - you want to select a Bottom Orientation. For monogram embossers using the 1" x 2" Die Holder Orientation is available only from the Top or Bottom. Monogram embossers typically will be fitted on either a 1" x 2" die holder or an 1-5/8" die holder depending upon the style and character combinations.

When you are ready to put a personal touch onto your Christmas gifts and correspondence, our hand held embossers make a great choice. These embossers use the pressure of your hand with an ergonomically designed handle to imprint a personalized image onto your note cards, stationery and holiday greeting cards.

Our embossers come in classic designs from monograms to family names to couple's names, initials, and great designs. From nautical to holiday, you can find just the perfect accent for your embossing look. If you need a hardworking, heavy-duty embosser, try our desk embosser. This style of embosser gives you more leverage so that you can use it hundreds of times without even noticing.

For a classic style of embosser, try out our block monogram or filigree styles. These embossers create round designs or square designs and are easy to operate. Our script monogram and toile embossers are also traditionally styled and can accommodate a single person or family's name along with the mailing address. An equally charming style is our graphic snowflake design, which offers a large central snowflake that is surrounded by your personalized text in uppercase letters.

During the holiday season, try out our holiday embossers. These are available in Christmas, New Year's and season's greetings designs. Choose from snowflakes, holiday wreaths and other winter scenes. Easy to use, great quality, fantastic pricing and great durability, you will certainly enjoy your new embosser for years.

Once your Embosser Gift Set arrives, there is a voucher code inside to redeem for a custom personalized embosser design online. You will simply type in your code, pick your favorite from hundreds of designs, and personalize it. That's it! You will NOT have to pay for shipping for your custom embosser design.

Our Embosser Gift Set contains one empty high-quality Embosser and one voucher code that can be redeemed online for embosser design of your choice! Choose from dozens of designs and personalize it the way you'd like it! The beauty of this gift is you can give it in lieu of a gift certificate and have something fun to wrap and give! Once the voucher is redeemed online, the embossing die of your choice will be shipped to you within 3-5 business days. Slide it into your embosser and you're ready to go! 041b061a72


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